ASSALAMUN ALAIKUM this is a great work my dear brother.almost all books and videos are increasing our EEMAN.i will pray to ALLAH he will give more and more knowledge and power to you.
mahammed gouse.s - INDIA
thank you so much Harun Yahaya. i got a verry verry valuable knowledge at your site. actually i interested searching about of meaning of Bhagavad gita and Quran. at the sem time i got your website really im happy especially your articles in telugu thats what im atracted to your site. in my mind questions: god what going to telling us?!!! what is the genetic memory,what we are going to finding. really human brain is designed by GOD!!!? like that questions in my mind not only me so many peaples. actually i dont have perticular english knoledge. thankyou thankyou soooooo much ""
basavantha girisham - IN
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